Blogger Status: Back to Work

My one week vacation finishes today. The week flew, as all good times do, but I enjoyed it very much. I was needing this pause to rest. We went to the beach, the swimming pool and the countryside. Me and my daughter had after lunch naps and dinners together. It was really good to have her around all day.
I also did a blogging hiatus to read a couple second hand books I bought online.
With batteries almost recharged, tomorrow I´ll be back to my crazy schedules routine. It´s also time to start preparing my daughter´s back to school season. School will only start middle September but if I don´t buy her books this month, they´ll sell out.
Will be back to blogging soon :)

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verabear said...

Sounds like that was a fun and relaxing vacation. I think that I'd suffer from withdrawal symptoms if I didn't blog even while on vacation. But then again, maybe it will do me a lot of good too :)

Mizé said...

Hi Verabear,
Thanks for commenting & sorry for my late response.
You know...I´m one of those (mad) bloggers that tries to run a bunch of blogs all by myself. It all started when I was unemployed, finishing my degree. I had plenty free time for all my blogs but when I started working full time, that changed.
I do spend a lot of time blogging, if not here at Night Clicks somewhere else, check out some of my others blog, they´re listed in my sidebar.
So...this means I never completely withdraw from blogging. I´m either working behind the curtains, writing content for all my blogs or reading my favorite blogs.
I think it´s all about balance...