Blogging Projects and Changes

If you´ve been following my blogging adventures, you know I´ve become the type of blogger which has more blogs than time. It´s hard to run so many endeavors at the same time, specially when you don´t have good and constant time managing skills. This is something I learned along the way. Not always the effort you put in something has great results, but many times effort means progress.
In Night Clicks, I often talk about my blogging experiences, ways to monetize blogs I come across or SEO topics that interest me. I started blogging for the joy of writing and as a way to share my artistic experiences in glass. At first, I didn´t think about creating a personal blog. That experience came after, when I decided to try blogging in English. This tendency is scattered trough my blogs, personal experiences posts mixed with other topics. First, I wasn´t comfortable with the idea of sharing my thoughts and my life but after a couple years blogging, than tendency diminished although it´s still present.
After blogging in free platforms, I decided to try my own domain blog. Without knowing much about the topic, I bought my first domain for a blog I had just started. The idea was creating a blog about free stuff online and, for the first months, I was able to follow the topic. Then I dispersed because I lacked time to invest researching the topic. Recently, I decided to remove the blog from that domain. The blog is still available in the free platform url, and there has a PR2. Once I won´t be able to keep the blog as it was, the project has been abandoned.
I enjoy having a domain to post my reviews so I´m thinking about the possibility of replacing this blog for a new one. If I decide to create a new domain blog, I´ll be much better informed about unlimited web hosting and best cheap blog web hosting as I was when I started my blogging endeavors. Experience counts. After buying my second domain for my PF blog, at first, I thought about keeping things as they are right now but the advantages of running my own blog made me change my mind.
So, if any of my readers had a link exchange with Netfreesource, please remove or update the link, because this blog isn´t a com domain anymore. Thanks for your support.
See you soon :)

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