My Old Pictures

In my last Spring cleaning, I decided to clean in depth my living room. During this process, I came across so many old stuff hided in drawers. Things I almost didn´t remember possessing because they´re hidden or I just don´t use them anymore. Things such as my music cassette tapes & video tapes collection, my stamps collection and my photo books.
I love my old photo books, each time I see old pictures I get into such a nostalgic mood, it´s like traveling back in images most of my past history. My mother loves photos too, she did a photo book with my old photos from different childhood stages. Now, I´m doing the same thing for my daughter.
I´m still from the time when there were only black and white pictures, no color TV and not much digital appliances. My mother had her first washing machine when I was five years old. Gosh, am I that old? :)
Well, I thought about sharing one of my old pictures...
Yes, you guessed!
The smiling girl in picture above is me!
According to my mom, in the picture above I was 2,5 years old. The original picture was taken by a photographer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Then, my mother had it reprinted in a bigger size and framed. Currently, this picture is hanged in my mother´s living room.
I lived in Brazil with my parents for a couple years. I don´t recall anything about those times but I have a few pictures (and some other souvenirs) from that distant childhood time. Looking to the pictures, I think I was so cute...always wearing nice hand made dresses by my mom :)

2 comentários:

Mariuca said...

What an adorable picture of you Mize and what wonderful memories it brings back... :)

Mizé said...

Hi Marzie!
Although I seldom post pictures of me, I really love this one.
Looking to this picture I think I was such a cutie, hehe!
A small devilish cutie by the way. According to my mom, at the age of 3 I already had a strong will (a bit stubborn) personality I have today :)
Read in your blog you´re going to travel for vacations. Wish you a great time and safe trip back.
Hugs xxx