Summer Vacations...Finally

My 15 days Summer vacations started today, finally!
I´m distressed.
Honestly speaking, I don´t want to return to my current job anymore. The new chief nurse we´ve got there since July doesn´t seem to like me a bit. She already yelled and diminished me in two occasions and has been unfair in my schedules and the task´s distribution. I always end up doing the worst tasks and get the worst schedules. Last week I had to do 8 hours shifts both in Saturday and Sunday.
As I mentioned before, I´m alone in this town. I´ve got no family here and very little social support. I don´t want to leave my daughter alone at home during weekends and nights to go to this #$%& job shifts! She´s only ten years old and is the person I love more in this world. I could never forgive myself if something happens to her while I´m away being overworked, underpaid, stressed every day and treated like a non-human working machine.
Just can´t go on like this... God help me find a job which allows me to take good care of my daughter.
Meanwhile, I´ll try to finish a couple home improvement projects and enjoy these days off.

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