Vacations & Home Improvement Projects

My 15 days Summer vacations started last Saturday. Finally, I have some free time for myself and to finish a few home improvement projects included in my "things to do" list. This week, instead of going to the beach, I´ll paint my bathroom and kitchen´s ceiling. I also need to ask a couple more quotes to replace my kitchen´s floor tiles.
Some of my home improvement projects are "do it yourself". I only contract services when I really don´t know how to do things. As you know, I´m always looking for ways to save more money and reducing services bills means more money in my pocket. When I first started looking for ways to reduce services costs, I found that I could save money in electricity, water and heating.
To reduce my power bill, I gained the habit of unplugging all electric appliances when they´re not being used and installed Energy Efficient Lighting in some rooms. I also changed my previous power contract for a cheaper one.
Once I have to remove my kitchen and bathroom lamps to paint the ceiling well, I´d like to replace those lamps too because they´re fluorescent type. I´ve been browsing Lumens for lightning ideas. This store offers a wide collection of renowned lighting brands such as Flos, the premier Italian manufacturer, and Tech Lighting. I found that Lumens also provides Fanimation Fans, a very good "two in one" solution for my kitchen. I don´t have air conditioning and in summer we have temperatures above 30º C. Imagine when the oven´s on, my kitchen temperature can easily reach 40ºC. I promised myself to find a solution this Summer and once A/C is too expensive I think a ceiling fan can do it just fine.
After these two small painting jobs, I´ll be officially on vacations. I´ll have one whole week to enjoy the beach and other outdoor activities with my daughter. My daughter´s school will start mid September so I have to make the best out of the few days left.

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