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If you have a business or product to sell, you should consider all the different ways available to put the word out. Good marketing can really help a business, and the old proved methods should not be discarded.
The other day, I went to a coffee shop for a quick snack. Once I didn´t want to spend much time there, I placed my order while standing next to the register´s machine. While waiting, I noticed there were a few business cards and fliers on the counter.
There was one particular card that caught my attention, a blinds fixing service. I needed to fix one blind in my apartment but had been avoiding doing it because I thought I had to replace the whole blind and that´s expensive. A few days before I found this business card, my room´s blind decided to break too so I finally had to do something about it. I enjoy sleeping in the dark so a broken blind which lets the daylight pass trough it becomes an annoying problem.
I didn´t know any reliable and cheap service so I decided to give it a try. I called the number on the card and asked for a quote. For my surprise, the quote was lower than I´d thought so I hired the service.
Next Saturday, an old gentleman showed up at my flat at the exact scheduled hour. He told me he had just retired from a long career in the blinds business and now was doing small fixing jobs as a part-time.
In a glimpse of an eye he fixed both blinds and charged me twenty euros. Good business for me, plus now I have a reference for future blind problems.
My point is business cards are still a valid marketing method. Nowadays, you can print business cards free online. You can choose the business card template that suits you best and enhance your business card for a professional look, and all this modern tools are available online at a very low price.
Another way is putting your business card in mail boxes, I already found a few in my own mail box. Got a blog to promote? Print a few cards, spread them around a see what happens. Maybe you can gain more frequent readers :)

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