First School Day

My daughter´s school started today with a "new students reception". She´s starting 5th grade in a new school, closer to our apartment. The reception went smoothly and my daughter was very happy to encounter old classmates.
In this transition everything is new for us, the school, most classmates, some subjects and all the teachers. From now on, our life will be very different. School starts everyday at 8.30 am so early schedules will be our major challenge as we´re both Garfield´s type :)
I´m an assumed night owl suffering from insomnia and my daughter enjoys staying up late. Humm...I already envision many flying alarm clocks, specially in cold winter mornings. Things definitely won´t get easier for us.
Today, we started our back to school shopping. I already ordered all books and will pick them next week so the first item we bought was a pair of sneakers for sports. My daughter is thrilled because this year there´s sports and a music class. Along with arts, music is her favorite hobby.
Now comes the not so funny part: back to school means decluttering. I took a couple days to focus on this as her bedroom is not in a good shape to start a new school year. I´ve been struggling to find space in her room for all the school stuff we´ve been keeping since... preschool. I´ve been thinking about this and I found there´s no way out. If I don´t start throwing some things out, I´ll live in this stuff hell forever. Shhh...something´s gotta change... soon :)

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