Life & Clocks

I´ve always liked antique stylish clocks. I don´t own an howard miller clock like the one above but wouldn´t mind having this particular one hanged in my kitchen. I sure need to replace my bird´s clock batteries, school will start next Monday at 8.30 am and I must make sure my daughter´s there on time, everyday.
I don´t use any wrist watch. I enjoy looking at watches but not wearing them. I have a sort of time war thing going on for decades and when I´m not at home, I prefer using my cellphone to check time. When I´m at home, I know what time it is trough my kitchen or notebook´s clock, this last option only when the notebook is on.
The picture above can also describe what´s in my thoughts today: Time flies, gotta use it wisely. Changes, new beginnings and the need to regain my time to do the things I enjoy most in my life. Shh.. sounds like an old woman talking :)
With unemployment at sight, the compass means I need a new direction in my life. If you´re curious why I´m facing this situation, you can read the details in my other personal blog, Mizé Journey. And you? How do you feel about clocks?

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Grampy said...

I just love that clock. Of course I like anything Vintage.I use to live by what time it was. I drove a bus and had to be at certain places at certain times. Now I hardly ever even wear my watch. I only have to worry about getting my granddaughter to school and picking her up. We have plenty of clocks for that.
Have a good weekend.

Mizé said...

Hello Grampy!
Thanks for stopping by.
I like Vintage objects too.
Yeah, in your profession a clock is an essential tool.
You´re living the good life now! :)