In The Shell

My two weeks vacation is ending and I spent most of it "In The Shell".
This time I can´t complain much about work overload during vacations, I had plenty of rest, or perhaps, too much of it.
Most days, I literally did nothing but withdraw in my "Own Shell". Doing what? Well...thinking about my "The Life" and the "Big Picture".
It was a time to read and to think a lot. Some days, when going to bed, I felt like my brain was frying, ready to be served in a hot plate.
This is so me...when something´s is really bothering me, I tend to withdraw. Even if I don´t find immediate answers, I meditate. I find myself in the same process, whenever I need to make decisions or come up with a plan of action.
During these days, I assessed my current life and path. I realized there are a few things I´d like to be doing but I´m not. The difference between what I´m doing and what I´d like to be doing is my major source of distress.
When I think about change, there´s a bunch of possibilities on the horizon. I do need to change a few things in my life but, before taking any step, I need a plan, a good one in this case. So, that´s why I´ve been in the Shell.
In my Shell, there´s no TV, no phones ringing and the only distraction is the Internet, music, a good book or a homemade meal done with much love. In my Shell, it´s cozy and warm. It´s a place where no one disturbs me while I´m brainstorming ideas, researching, thinking of possibilities, etc.
Did anything came out yet? Not really...I need to rehearse and investigate more each course of action.
And you? Do you have a Shell?

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