Selling Some Books

I have always been an avid reader. As far as I can remember, reading has always been one of my favorite "hobbies". I remember the first books I ever bought: Disney and "Turma da Mónica" comics, my favorites were definitely the Almanacs.
As I grew up, my readings improved from comics to science books and became more diversified. From early to my late 20´s, the books became my favorite learning paradise. Even my motherhood knowledge was explored in books long before it happened in real life.
Although I never read any of my books more than twice, I never sold any because I saw them with a precious collection sort of feeling. Call it sentimental value, attachment or something alike. I also gather I guess I have a strong stuff collector´s personality trait :)
Now that I´m almost reaching 40´s, and some of my reading interests changed, I feel different about my books. I no longer regard them as precious. I still like most of them but I feel like I should let go of some to find space for new reading adventures.
So, I´m a newbie seller looking for websites in which I can sell my Portuguese books. I already have envelopes and found a way to create personalized address labels online. Now, all I need is patience to list the books and wait for buyer´s interest in my books. I haven´t told you yet but this is part of major decluttering party I´m organizing at my home. I need some fun for the cold winter months ahead. I´m keen that I will feel lighter and relieved when the whole process ends.
Note to Self: This is the result of many hours reading inspiring Zen, Minimalism, Frugality, Downsizing & Simple Living blogs :)

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