Nina: The Shoe Lover

My daughter lost my digital camera :(
I´m not in the mood to make a big drama out of it so I´ll just make a small one: It was the first decent digital camera I ever had and it was bought a few years ago with my own hard earned money as a Christmas present for myself.
I wonder how my blogging experience will be like without my own pictures... although the majority of them just "suck", they do give some color to my blogging journey :)
I don´t know when I´ll be able to buy a new camera but when I´m ready to buy one I´ll look for Canon deals. Meanwhile, I have no remedy but to post older unpublished photos and take new (even lower quality) pictures with my cell phone.

So, back to today´s post. I was going trough my photo files when I came across the above pictures of Nina. I then realized it´s been a while since I last wrote a Nina update post in any of my blogs. At the same time, I had a good laugh thinking about this post´s title:
Nina is really is a shoe lover!
You should see her when she catches any of our shoes. My daughter´s sandals are her favorites... we laughed a lot when we discovered Nina likes our shoes. My daughter joked that Nina acts like this because she likes our "shoe smell", ha ha!
My daughter is so comic, she caught her mother´s good humor vein, he he!
At the same time, you can check how grown and fat Nina is now :)

As being without a camera wasn´t bad enough, last time I saved photos I somehow messed the date settings and ended with all July and August 2010 pictures dated as January 2007. In January 2007 Nina wasn´t even born! Ha!
Tech stuff is really not my forte, then there´s something between me and machines. I guess it´s got something to do with my energy :)
See you soon :)

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