Beach Nostalgia (Already), Weekend & Job Stuff

Summer´s officially over, the first rains arrived today.
Beach nostalgia already...
This weekend I´ll have two days off to be at home but with this weather, and my current down mood, how cool can that be?
You know what? It´s a perfect time to put my hands in the mountain of summer clothes laying around in my extra bedroom for weeks now. Great plan for a weekend...ironing, cooking, cleaning, lol. It sounds like the best plan ever as I can skip the whole thing and just blog the weekend away :)
I can´t complain much. I´ve been digging my own grave too. Since I came home for vacations (last August 30), I´ve only gone to work one day. The rest of the days I called in sick and others I simply skipped it without any paper to justify. You can see where this is ending...right? The door to unemployment soon will be opened for me.
Be my guest! The fact is I hate being underpaid, being yelled at constantly, only having 30 minutes to have a meal, and the feeling of being stuck in a job I don´t like at all in schedules that mess my family life.
The other day, I was on the phone with my mother and we were having a nice conversation. I was telling about my job´s stuff when she asked me "The Question": Why did you take a University course then?
I though, sure! She´s right, you know... I can only blame the government, our country´s financial situation and people´s mindset.
I handled this job at the hospital pretty well in the past 18 months but not anymore. I just can´t cope anymore. The money is important but some things are more important than money:
"Life is about life and not the result of life." Goethe

Good weekend to all!
See you soon xx

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