Blogger Status: Forever a Night Owl

It´s ten o'clock of an unexpectedly sunny Monday morning in Algarve (after a rainy and cloudy weekend) and I haven´t slept yet...not a minute the whole night.
Uff! What a night!
Messed sleeping schedules... blogging much going on and I just can´t skip a thing. Blogging has become much more than only a hobby, it has become a passion. I get so distracted and amused while blogging or reading other blogs that night slips by without notice. Morning arrives silently and I only notice it when the first rays of light enter my kitchen´s window.
Then, it´s time to make my daughter´s breakfast. I prefer skipping a little more sleep than my breakfast moment with her. Her classes start at 9.00 am so at 7.30 she´s already up.
Later today, I´ll have a shift starting at 18.00 pm so I´d better catch some sleep before it. When the shifts ends and I come back home, she´s already sleeping so, today, this will be our only moment together.
Summing it up: I´m a night owl...forever?
Did I ever mentioned that I´ve always been a Garfield´s fan?
Monday mornings... :)

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Mariuca said...

Ooooh I adore Garfield too, what's not to love about the fluffy fat lazy meow right? Hugs! :D