Blogger Stuff & Rainy Halloween

Hello everyone,
Hope you´re having a nice weekend like I am: Home, with a couple good books at hand, my notebook and my cat Nina warming my feet :)
Ohhh..."There´s no place like home", specially when it´s windy and rainy outside. I adore being cosy in my pajamas hearing the rain falling outside.
Friday I skipped work, had Saturday off and Sunday (today) I´m supposed to work a morning shift. I should get up by 7.00 am but it´s 3.30 am and I´m still awake, cooking and blogging :)
I´ll only sleep a few hours and hope to wake up because Friday I could not. Sometimes I oversleep, specially when I´m in a down mode or very tired. The fact is I´m so fed up with this job that I find every excuse not to go... lol.
Tonight I went to the mall with my daughter to buy a few items for Halloween, she likes playing "sweet or trick" with a group of friends and neighbors but she wanted something new to wear tomorrow. So, I bought her green fake hair and some funny glasses. You should see her with that on... she looks like a martian, lol. I bet they´ll have always do.
In the past weeks, things on my English blogs have been a bit slow. I´ve been reading more and working on my Portuguese blogs too. I had the goal to improve advertising earnings in a few of my blogs but I knew that in order to achieve it I had to work hard on them. So... I did and it paid off because I reached my goal. I enjoy challenging myself because when I do, I work harder.
A good Sunday & Halloween to all :)

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