Funfair & Wintertime

The yearly "St. Iria" funfair was in town and we had a blast!
And now that I have my camera back I can post pictures and all :)
When I was a kid, I really loved the funfair. I remember spending hours begging my mother, which didn´t enjoy it as much, to let me go... alone :)
Now, I enjoy going to the funfair with my daughter and see her have a good time like I used to have.
The funfair is an expensive place, enough to blow my Entertainment budget for the month (for example, each ride can cost 2.50/3.00 Euros), but it´s worth the money.
Going to the funfair is one of those times when the kid inside me comes out to play with the kid outside me :)
My mother came to visit us and we all went to the funfair, 3 generation of women in our small family together to have fun :) My mother seems to have more fun now with her granddaughter than when I was a kid. I remember why...she was always busy. Times have changed, she´s now retired, and so have we. We get along much better now but sometimes I still have to cut her conversations or pretend I haven´t heard a word of her annoying criticism.
Wintertime is arriving but we´re still having Autumn weather. Soon, we´ll have to rewind our clocks to winter hours.
I don´t like cold and rainy winter days at all, except when I can stay home warm and cosy. Winter hasn´t arrived yet but I can tell it´s going to be a long & cold one...
See you soon :)

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