Weekend Stuff

Hello everyone, hope you´re having a nice Saturday in your corner of the world.
Here in Portugal we´re having a sunny Autumn Saturday, the fair is in town and I´m home enjoying a day off from work.
My daughter is spending the weekend with her father and won´t be home until tomorrow night. I cooked lunch, a yummy 3 cheese omelet and fried rice, and now I´m here in front of my PC updating my blogs. Tomorrow I have a morning shift after which I´m going groceries shopping.
I feel like staying home all day and probably that´s what I´m going to do, unless a nice invitation to go to the fair comes up :)
You see, I have a pile of summer clothes to sort out that have been laying around for weeks and another pile to iron. Add a little cleaning to that and you can see how my Saturday off will be spent. Lately, I really enjoy staying home in my days off, resting and doing my stuff.
Now changing subject, I recovered my camera. My daughter left it under the bed in her father´s house and he only noticed it a week later when cleaning the room. My digital camera is a one hundred fifty euros Hp but it´s the only one I had so I´m glad I have it back. Now I can keep taking my amateur blurred pictures :)
Overall, things in my life are more balanced now and in result I feel better. My job´s schedules change had an impact on the way I´ve been feeling lately. Without this stress and pressure, my daily life goes more smoothly.
My relation with S changed in a few ways but now the storm has passed we´re not so distant as we were before. During sixteen years, we´ve been trough a lot of good and bad things and although we´re divorced and not living together there´s still a lot of good feelings and emotional attachment. This way, none of us seems to be able to "move on" and I think none of us really wants that. Only time will tell...
A good rest of weekend to all :)

4 comentários:

Christy said...

I hear you loud and clear, I too enjoy weekends at home. Even if I end up cleaning. Although the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow here in Delaware. So I might go out for a run before my oldest son comes home from his fathers.

Monica said...

hello Mize! I'm truly glad u feel better now.. that's wonderful! Have a great week ahead dearie *HUGS*

Mizé said...

Hello Girls!
So glad you stopped by..:)
I´ve been a bit away from my english blogs.

Christy: You´re right...there´s always so much to do around the house..sometimes it´s fun, sometimes it´s not.
I think I´m becoming a sort of "house lover rat", if that exists :)
Delaware...gotta check it with Google earth :)

Mizé said...

Monica: Thanks for still dropping by once in a while. Wish I had more time to keep in touch.
Miss chatting with you and Marzie but I do check you girls whenever I can. Always enjoy your foodie adventures (and others) :)