My Current Blogging Goals

As some of you know, I´m the only author of a few different blogs. This is a challenge I enjoy and although I know I could have a better blog if I focused my energy on one alone, I prefer keeping my niche blogs as well. It makes sense having just a food blog and a personal one separately.
In the past weeks, I´ve been working to improve some of my Portuguese blogs and now, I´m focusing on my English blogs. I´m reformulating My Countryhome blog. I already changed the layout and now I´m making some editorial changes. My goal is to turn it more into a Travel blog.
I kept Netfreesource as a free blog and will (finally) install the costume layout I bought quite a while ago.
After changing Portuguese Menu layout and updating the blog more often, I bought a new domain name but haven´t used it yet. My goal is to use it for a blog about woman’s interests and I already did a bit of work on that but the pace has been slow. I decided that I will only look for website hosting options after writing more content for it. In this case, I haven´t done much domain names research, I just kept it simple. I came up with a name for the blog and bought the matching domain. I know that this isn´t the best way to do it when you´re looking for free SE traffic but that´s not a big deal for this blog´s purpose.
Plus, it can happen anyway, if single posts get indexed. I have this experience from one of my Portuguese blogs. The blog keywords gets some visitors but it gets most of it´s SE traffic by other ways which is indexed content, single posts. I use analytic tools to check this out.
So, I´ve got much to do in the next few weeks. Let´s see if I don´t digress much doing other things online :)

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