Blogger Status: Thinking About Changes

Hello everyone, hope you´re all Ok in your corner of the world.
In mine, it´s rainy and cold outside and I´ve been spending most of my days home. After my recent decision of leaping out of my full time job, I´m now thinking about doing a few big changes in my life.
I´m not one of those persons who´s very afraid of big changes but whenever I decide something that will affect my life in different aspects I like to think things trough to be sure, to realize what I really want to do. When I have to make big decisions I tend to withdraw to my cocoon and that has been my "status" mood in the past few weeks.
I have a lot to do before putting any changes in practice. I´m thinking about moving and I need to figure what to do with all the stuff I accumulated in the past decade...not an easy job but a doable one. So, in order to do it, I need free time and that´s one of the reasons why I decided to become, voluntarily, unemployed. I think of it as a pause that I need to sort out my personal life and not as a permanent state. After doing the changes I want/need, I´ll look for another job but this time I´ve decided that I won´t accept a minimum wage job.
I need to think positive and raise my standards or else I´ll never enjoy working for someone else. I´m a solo type of person and I would be better off as a self employed or running my own business like I did before.
Well, after that being said, I have to start somewhere. I´ve decided to start by sorting all papers and books and then I´ll carry on with clothes. In the months ahead, I will be a sort of busy bee in my flat and once I´m not working outside, I can balance my time between my online and my offline tasks.
See you soon.

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