Second Hand Cars

As some of you know, I love cars and driving and I often blog about my car. My father was a mechanic and used to race in rallies so I guess my love for cars might be inherited from him 
I love the smell of a new car and the excitement of driving a brand new machine but I have not had that pleasure since 2007. For someone who enjoys cars as much as I do, buying a new car is the ultimate thrill but if you think about saving money in transportation and getting the best value for your money, as I do, a second hand car is the way to go. You can check auto usate Milano for a good example of European second hand car business. When looking for a car dealer you´ll find signs such as compro auto usate or vendita auto usate.
Recently, I upgraded my second hand car and I´m very happy with the option I made. Most second hand car dealers offer one year guarantee which covers most parts. Plus, they have good connections with different credit companies and can help you find the best auto loan available.
I could list a dozen reasons for opting for a second hand car. On top of that list would be that a new car depreciates faster and, in my country, it pays more taxes than a second hand car. Plus, if I opt for a second hand car I can buy a better drive than a new one. I get more value for my money and I´m able to drive a top car which depreciation (that occurs in the five years) was paid by it´s previous owners. This means that I can drive a top car which is still in good shape for 25% of it´s price as new.
In my country, the second hand car business is well developed and it´s not difficult to find most brand’s parts. Because taxes are so high here, it used to be worthy buying a top second hand car in another European country and legalize it here.
This is my preference, which is yours?

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