Thank You: Blogger Spam Detection Tool

Hello guys,
Not long ago, I wrote a post here in Night Clicks complaining how my Food Blog, Portuguese Menu, was being "attacked" on a daily basis by spam comments. I guess that´s usual stuff and a boring rant but the truth is: Spam comments still bother me and this is a topic that relates to all of us... Bloggers. So, here´s my share :)
I´m really thankful that Blogger decided to include an effective Spam detection tool in their platform, the one I use most and am more familiar with. Having to go trough so much spam was sucking my online time and even interfering with my editorial. (editorial sounds "Trés Chique", lol)
For example: Today, when I opened my Food blog I had 83 spam comments detected in the past few days. You can imagine how long it would take me to select non spam comments. After going trough a few pages of spam, the time and energy I had to write a post was gone. Now, with a few clicks, I can select all messages and hit delete.
So, for that, thank you!
See you soon :)

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