Night Clicks 3rd Blogversary

Hello Guys!
I´m celebrating Night Clicks 3rd Blogversary!
It´s a milestone...and I´m happy to (still) be here.

The picture above, which I enjoyed the minute I spotted it, was copied from a Blogversary post in and it describes just how I feel about Night Clicks 3rd Blogversary.

I still can remember the moment when I decided to start Night Clicks. My inspiration to start a blog in English came from Rachel, the blogger behind "". Sending you a big hug :)

So, I started Night Clicks in November 4. Night Clicks is a Scorpion blog, my ascendant sign :)

I won´t add a long description about the benefits I found in blogging but I can tell you it´s been a great journey and I´m here to stay a bit longer :)

I´m sending out love and a big hug to all that read my (sometimes crazy) posts, Followers, EC fellow Bloggers, occasional visitors that find Night Clicks trough search engines (many trough strange keywords, lol), those who support my blogs by linking to them, and all who have been here with me along the way. Thank You!!

3 comentários:

carlota said...

Happy 3rd Blogversary! Wish you all the best!

Mizé said...

Hello Carlota!
Nice to see you´re still active in Entrecard and took the time to visit me.
Hope all is well with you & your family.
When I think about my blog´s (poor) design I always think of you :)
Hugs xx

MarlyMS said...

Hi Mize! Congratulations and Happy 3rd blogsversary.


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