Blogger Status: Night Blogging...Again

Hello guys,
Hope all is well on your corner of the world. Here it´s really cold for me..freezing all day and no sun. Temperatures lowered...and the best place to be is home, preferably nearby the fireplace (wish I had one) :)
As I said before, I love sky pictures. There´s a meme called "Friday Sky Watch", I´ve seen some posts at other blogs but you know me...can´t keep up the pace of a weekly Had to quit MM for the same now I do one "any-day" music post and publish sky pictures in one of my other blogs. The picture above is one of my night sky pictures..a bit blurred because of the lights..but a great sky catch. I think I should have bought a Canon instead of Hp :)
Well, I´m night blogging again. Been working in my new personal blog, my new place with it´s own domain name :)
I think it was about time to have a personal blog with Mizé in it´s domain name too...I love Night Clicks, been blogging here for over 3 years now...have loads of posts..some more interesting than others :)...but it´s time to have my own virtual place outside a free platform. I think bloggers understand this. I won´t stop posting here but will slow the pace of very personal posts. I´m off to Mizé Journey..have lots of things I´d like to post there :)
Happy Friday Everyone!

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