Blogging Tips: How to Change a Video Code so it Fits a Blog Post

Hello everyone,
As you know, I blog-hop quite a bit trough EC and other Social Networks. Recently, I came across a few blogs with videos a bit wider than it´s post´s width. Probably, these bloggers haven´t learned yet how to change a Video html code so it fits a blog post so I´ve decided to share what how I do it.

If you copy one html video code from Youtube or any source, to make the video fit your blog´s post all you have to do is replace the numbers in the parameters "Width" and "Height" within the code for lower values.

For example, in a regular Youtube html piece of code you´ll find the following command´s values:



All you have to do is replace 640, the value corresponding to the video publishing width, for a lower value to fit your blog post, for example, 440.
Some html codes repeat the size command twice (once in the code´s beginning and another near the last commands) so you need to use the same numeric value in both commands to make it work.

To change a video´s height, the process is the same. Just replace 390 in the html code for a lower number, for example 300, if you wish to reduce the video height and for a higher number if you wish to increase it´s height.

See you soon :)

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The Painted Veil said...

Thank you for posting this..someone needed too. I run across them everywhere and I can't get to their card to drop!!

Francis Hunt said...

Thanks for the tip, Mizé!