Blogging Projects

This year is almost ending. Christmas is a nice time to recap, look back and plan for the future. Today´s post is a summary of my current blogging projects and plans for the year to come.
In late Summer, I had the goal to improve my Portuguese Art blog and start two new free blogs, one about food and another about Personal Finances. I achieved these goals and my new blogs are up and running. Thanks to them, my advertising revenue also improved.
For the future, I´ll keep working to improve all my Portuguese blogs. I still have a lot to do in that front and, as you know, blogging is a "never ending story".
During 2010 I did my best to keep up my English blogs as well. I dropped my first domain which will be replaced by a new one, dedicated some more time to my Personal Finances blog, changed My Countryhome´s focus and spent many hours reading. My earnings doing reviews dropped drastically but I kept working online doing things like micro-jobs, writing resumes and making translations.
This month, I bought three new domain names. One will be used for Net Source blog, another for a new Personal Blog and the third one is for a project related to home and fashion topics. Next I´ll have to pick a webhosting plan and start writing more content for these last two projects.
So, this is what I´ll be doing when I return from my Christmas trip to my hometown. A handful of blogging projects :)
See you soon.

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