Money Topics

The year end is a good time to make a life balance, look back and into the future.
In the past two years my life changed a lot. I´m now a single mother and the only captain of this ship and that makes a huge difference. Before divorce, everything I did had a family focus, my life gravitated around my ex and my daughter.
All finances and money decisions were made having the three of us in mind, not anymore. For me, 2011 will be a year in which I will need to focus on my personal finances. Now that I´m unemployed, things will get a bit harder for us. I have to cut down all unnecessary expenses and luxuries.
I´m also planning to move and sell the flat we are currently living in.
Until I´m able to sell my flat, I will have to stretch all Euros. The only thing that could rescue me from this financial situation would be finding a new job or a way to have some Wicked Profits.
I will need to do something to change this, stop worrying and taking action. This also means that once my mind will be focused on money topics, I will write more blog posts for my Personal Finances blog...that´s for sure.
See you soon :)

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