Blogger Status: Sick & Freezing

Hello everyone,
Hope you all had a nice weekend.
Guys...We are freezing and sick! We are not only sick of the cold days and nights but we are literally sick with flu as well. This weekend we had this year´s colder days and once I´m always cold in winter, my complains are natural.
The flu process was daughter caught it at school and passed it on to me. Now, we both have it. She´s missing school since this Monday...again.
The poor thing...since the year started she´s has been sick on and off a few times. First, it was the stomach and vomiting thing. Then, she had headaches and one of her teachers sent me a note because she suspects my daughter needs eyeglasses. I already scheduled with a good ophthalmologist, but he´s a busy man and her appointment will only be next March 1st. I´d rather wait for this doctor than going somewhere else, I know he´s one of the best.
As this was not enough, a few days after recovering from the stomach thing episode two of her molar teeth were falling and she had headaches and mouth pain as well. Plus, last week, she fell down during a sports class and hurt her right feet ankle joint. Now...a throat infection and flu. Gosh...with all this, it´s case to say that probably someone gave her a huge "bad eye".
Today´s post may sound a bit hypochondriac but this is only the facts of what we´re going trough right now. I will only wait one more day, after that I´m taking her to the hospital in case she needs antibiotic.
Me...I´m not taking anything, I hate pills and I´m allergic to penicillin. A few cups of a good "Erva Luisa" and lemon tea with honey instead of sugar will help me out much more than any anti-flu pill.
See you soon xx

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