Downsizing Process

As some of you know, I write about Personal Finances and my overall life goals at my other blog Mizé Journey. It´s a simple blog, installed in a first level domain, which I bought solely for this purpose. I already wrote about today´s topic there, and without posting duplicate content, I will sum it up here as well because not all Night Clicks readers visit my other blog.
I´m in the middle of a lifestyle changing process. A lifestyle makeover or whatever you want to call it. The first steps of this process were taken back in 2005 when I decided that I needed to stop splurging money and took control of my personal finances.
2009 was a year of profound changes in my home life but the internal process of desiring a change/downsize kept going. In 2010, among other things, I´ve managed to finally become debt free and before the year ended I adopted the theme "Just Do it!" for 2011.
During this year, I will try to sell my T3 flat, move to my T2 and after I will renovate it. This flat is in a building built in 1983 and needs a good remodeling: A new bathroom, including bathroom vanities, a new kitchen, new doors, windows and floor tiles. There´s a lot to be done there and, depending on how fast I sell this flat, I estimate the renovation will continue throughout 2012.
I just started to prepare the moving...I have a lot of work to do but, in the search of a simpler life, I think it will all be worthy. The real downsizing process just began...
I will report my progresses here and at my other blog Mizé Journey.
See you soon xx

2 comentários:

Grampy said...

It sounds like you are really taking charge of your life. Down sizing in the economy we now have is a good idea.It sounds to me that you are really on the ball.
Have a good weekend.

Mizé said...

Sorry for my late response.
I´m trying..but it won´t be easy to sell this flat. Doing this, is my best chance to have a more stable future.
Let´s see how it all works out. I´m positive about this change.
My Best Regards.