Roger Waters Concert:: Count Me In!

My ticket to Roger Waters Concert, next March 22 in Pavilhão Atlântico - Lisbon, arrived in my mail box. Yeah! Count me in :)
I´m a big Roger Waters fan. I had the chance to see both Pink Floyd (promoting Division Bell album) and Roger Waters (In the Flesh Tour) live in Lisbon a few years ago but this will be "The Wall" Tour, something big :)
I bought the ticket online, requested to be sent by mail and paid the extra tax for this service. One week later, it arrived. It wasn´t cheap, 62.00 Euros, but I think it´s worthy because it was anouced that this will be the last "The Wall" Tour. Now, I have to prepare the trip to Lisbon.
I searched Youtube for videos from 2010 concerts and came across with a few...I like them all :) And because this is also a Music post, here´s a version of "What Shall We Do Now". Just for a glance of how this concert will be:

See you xx

2 comentários:

Francis Hunt said...

Enjoy it, it will be great! I saw The Wall in Berlin in 1990 and it remains a great memory ...

Mizé said...

Hello Francis,
Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
I already saw Pink Floyd in one occasion and Roger Waters solo in another. Two great concerts in my memories..for sure :)
Couldn´t miss this one :)
Best Regards.