Pop Up Displays

Recently, while visiting a fair, I noticed how a certain company was using pop up displays as a marketing tool in a way that captured my attention. They were showing a short movie describing their product’s features in an appellative way.
Pop up displays can be used both as learning or marketing tool. As a learning tool, for example, they can be very useful for a presentation. The use of images, schemes and bigger screens can capture a wider audience than only a speech.
As a marketing tool, pop up trade show displays are used at trade shows, job fairs, retail stores, events or where a large portable display wall is needed. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are easy to set up and transport.
As a marketing tool a trade show pop up can be a more effective tool than a flier, a business card or even a direct sale approach. It´s an effective tool in capturing attention and can be good aid in helping a company maximize the return on the investment. The links in this post lead to a company´s website which provides pop up displays.

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