It´s been a while since my last Music post.
I think a Love song music it´s a pretty good vibe to start 2011 :)
So..for today´s post I picked this song, originally from Cure, performed by Tori Amos Live in 2010 called exactly Love Song.
I´m a long time "The Cure" fan but I already posted one of their videos before and it´s the first time I´m including Tori Amos in my favorite tunes list.
I dedicate this all the Loves of my life :)
See you soon xx

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Funky Town Disco Music 70s said...

felice anno nuovo

Feliz Ano Novo ;)

gracias per la tua visita

Con Artist Trickster said...

Hi thanks for dropping by.
Wow, you made a Tori Amos post too?
Wanna see my Tori Amos post?