Tasks in Hand

I´m night blogging again. Since yesterday, I´ve been working more on my new blogs and writing content for all the others. For the months to come, I got a lot on my hands both online and offline. I´m preparing to move so I need to start all arrangements before painting the flat and doing repairs.
I think the new year will bring a few changes for me and I´m planning to release the burden of all the stuff I accumulated in the last decade. After spending a couple months wondering what to do next, I feel now it´s the time to put plans in practice, no more procrastinating is allowed.
I did a small blogging hiatus during Christmas. I was away from home for a whole week and only had Internet connection available for a few hours in two days.
Being on the move and writing content for my blogs isn´t very compatible so I decided to skip blogging and enjoy the trip.
Now, I have a lot to do if I want to launch the new blogs soon. I´ve been looking for nice free templates and already found a few. In the middle of all this, I´m also learning how to download software using Torrent files. There´s a few movies I´d like to find for free online and I´ve always been curious about this type of free stuff. Seeding is something I already heard about many times but once I don´t know exactly how it works, I´ve been researching online to find the answers I need. It would be cool to download free movies once in a while.
See you soon :)

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Monica said...

Hello Mize, Happy New Year to u and ur family! Here's wishing u a wonderful New Year full of prosperity, good health and many new reasons to smile! :))