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Hello guys,
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was calm and I enjoyed it.
In Saturday, I drove to Tavira and had dinner out in this city´s new mall. The mall is big, the architecture inside is quite nice but I found that the underground parking could be much better. Either they didn´t know very well what they were doing...or my car is too big :) Ok, no more comments, this post is about my other blog.
I completed the changes I had planed for my first domain blog, NetSource. Now the blog is up and running again and I installed it in a new info domain. I use this blog mainly for reviews, mixed with personal posts and it´s also where I post my sky pictures.
As I mentioned before, I use Godaddy and, recently, they made some changes in the interface. First, I had some difficulties installing the blog but then it worked. Now, I´m having the same issues installing my other personal blog, a dot com domain... hope I find the solution for this one fast.
Well, check it out. If you link exchanged with my blog please update the new url. If you haven´t but would like to...just leave me a comment.
See you soon xx

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