Some Business Ideas

In the past months, I defined a few goals for my Portuguese blogs and I shared my thoughts about this here in Night Clicks.
My major goals, which concerned my two niche blogs were attained. Both blogs are up and running and giving me some advertising revenue. While trying to improve my art blog, I had the idea to create a step by step guide of the techniques I use in my artworks. I already have most of this content online for free, it´s dispersed in blog posts but what if I could come up with my own product to be sold online? That would be great.
I´ve received some interest in my work and this blog receives over 500 daily visitors but my main goal is not selling my work online, it´s providing information about glass art in general. Though, I think the idea of creating a step by step guide to be sold trough my blog could be a good experience. Maybe this is the path that will lead me to learn more on how to build a business website. I will surely need professional help for this.
In the future, I would like to figure out how to put my idea in practice. For now I have a lot of work to catch up. I was absent from blogging over a week and my Portuguese readers may be wondering what happened to me :)
See you soon xx

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Scotty's Princess said...

Hola Mize! It's great to be here. May you enjoy the rest of the week!



Mizé said...

Hello Lainy!
Thanks for visiting :)
Hope all is well with you.
Hugs xx