Continuing My Blogging Projects

Hello guys,
Hope your week started in the best way possible. Mine started sunny and smoothly. After all the work I have accomplished this last weekend, I was needing a calm Garfield type of Monday :)
Today´s post is a continuation of my blogging "To Do" list I have published earlier. For the next couple months, I have two major goals in mind. The first is continuing the work I have done so far in what will be my second personal blog. I already have a dot com domain name for this blog but haven´t set it up yet, I´m still working on the editorial part.
My second major goal is using one other info domain I have bought last December and build a website to put it in good use. It´s been parked since I bought it.
I have always enjoyed home remodeling projects and decoration so it would be wise to use this "liking" in my next venture and build a niche website around this topic. I´m still trying to decide weather I should go for a more general or specif approach. So, these are my next two big tasks, along with new jobs that might come up and my other blogs.

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