Credit Repair

As you know, Personal Finances is one of my favorite blogging topics. In the past couple years, I have become a follower of a number of PF websites and blogs. The majority of the websites I follow are American and although their reality is different from mine, I enjoy learning how things work overseas. Sometimes, I also find new ideas to save money which can be applied to my own life.
Recently, I was reading an article about bad credit reputation and learned that, in some countries, there are credit repair companies. These companies provide services which can help people repairing their credit score both in short and long term.
In my country, things work a bit different. Once you gain a bad credit reputation it´s not easy to repair it unless you pay all the debts and even then you have to wait a few years until the records in the central bank are deleted. I guess we´re a bit behind in this type of useful services.

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