Some Reflections About Links and SEO

As some of my usual readers know, Night Clicks is one of my oldest blogs in English and the place I call (joking) my office. It´s the only blog where I share my most relevant blogging experiences, what I´ve learned from them and my reflections.
I´m always interested in learning about SEO, PR, linking and new ways to MMO. In the link selling business, the green bar number is one of the most precious assets and exchange coin.
I´ve been earning money online trough paid reviews for some time now with the premise that I will always write about my experiences, opinions and thoughts. In those blogs I use this MMO format, content can be directed by the topics I have to write but I try to select jobs according to my blog´s limits and I only state true facts. In that aspect, I try to be selective according to my own "blogging ethic".
Lately, I´ve been thinking about the topic: "Links in and links out, how to find a balance?"
Both "inbond links" and "outbond links" count as a factor in the PR equation, that´s written in many specialized articles but I still many?
How many links we should have pointed towards our blogs and how many are the acceptable limit of links out to other blogs/websites?
I searched for the answer, came across different numbers and I don´t even know how accurate this info is but a few resources stated that we should have no more than a certain number (40 in one example) of links out from one page. It´s logic and that´s why everyone should avoid link factories as a way to gain links. In the long haul, only "white SEO" will allow you to be in business for longer. It takes work to optimize a blog and get PR so you don´t want to blow it right away, right?
According to different resources I read, in a blog, the most valuable links out are from columns because, in general, those links appear on all pages and are supposed to pass more link juice than one link inside a post.
So...this is one of the reasons I stopped doing memos and other viral stuff. Not only I risk duplicating content but I also have to give to many links out.
I´m trying to find a balance because I would like to keep Night Clicks PR just as it is or even improve it. I used one future PR calculator I came across in a SEO website and it stated that Night Clicks could have PR 4. Yeah..but the green bar only shows 3.
Although I should work in having more links in, my blog-roll is pretty short these days and I have been networking with other bloggers much less than I used to. I think I have been pretty lucky in this aspect because I´m not an expert on any of this topics but my blog´s PR have remained the same for some years and, in some cases, improved.
The learning process will never be over :)
See you soon xx

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Mariuca said...

I agree, the learning process is never over and so long as u can maintain ur PR, tat means you must be doing something right! :)

Mariuca said...

Hola Mize! I am happy to present the Stylish Blogger Award to you and your blog, congrats and hugs!