Weekend Update

Hello guys,
Hope you all had a good weekend.
Mine was a bit different from usual as I had visits over.
My daughter spend this weekend with her father and had a wonderful time in a Jeep countryside gathering. The poor thing arrived home KO, had a bath, dinner and went straight to bed. A new week is starting and she will have more tests.
Once in the past couple days I have not work much in any of my blogs, I took a bit of Sunday night to catch up on things. As I´m writing this post, it´s still Sunday night here.
So, my recent online activities have been a bit dispersed, besides spending some time networking, I´ve been looking at Local search marketing info to learn more about this topic.
In one of my online digressions, I´ve came across an interesting Personal Development free e-book which, for now, I´m enjoying very much. If I keep the same opinion when I finish reading the whole book I will share it´s link here and in my PF blog as well.
This week, I will receive the reply for the job interview I went last Friday. I´ve been having mixed dual thoughts about this new job possibility.
Well, that´s all for today. I´m off to update Mizé Journey.
Wish you all a Happy Monday :)
See you soon xx

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