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Hello guys,
I´m back, safe and sound :)
Roger Water´s concert was awesome...unforgettable!
I enjoyed every minute of this trip... it will always remain in my memory attached to a certain special someone.
Sadly..but incredible how this concert´s message is still valid...
Traveling alone is something I had not done in a long time so it felt... strangely different but good. Unlike some other trips I did to watch concerts in Lisbon, this turn I had plenty free time to enjoy the drive, the meals and the views.
I did not take many pictures, I just did a few short videos from the concert. I´m getting really mad with my camera as it is too sensible and many pictures come out distorted. My camera is good for people who can stand really still...not someone like me :)
I guess the next gadget entering in my "wish I had" list is a decent camera. I´m not a good photographer but add that to a lousy camera and you get the kind of pictures I sometimes have the nerve to publish in my blogs..hehe.
Ok, so I´m back to work. By now, my e-mail box probably has a few pages of messages sent by email marketing software to go trough. I have all my blogs to update and feel like catching up on some of my long distance friends and favorite bloggers. EC here I go :)
See you soon xx

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