Offline Projects

Hello guys,
After a rather nice weekend offline I´m back to work and, tonight, I´m catching up with the blogosphere.
In the past weeks, I´ve spent much less time blogging than usual as I´m more focused on my offline world, specially the sale & moving project.
As I mentioned in recent posts, I´m facing two problems. One, is having too much stuff to carry and the other is the fact that my apartment needs some repairs. It needs a new floor in some rooms and to be all painted. The first problem was easier to solve, I decided to reduce my possessions including some furniture. The second problem is a bit more difficult to solve as I´d rather sell without investing.
To increase this apartment value, one would need to install Laminate hardwood flooring in the living room, hall and bedrooms. Some kitchen and bathroom floor ceramic tiles are damaged so this two rooms also need a new floor. Finally, all rooms need to be painted. All the rest is working well and in good conditions.
If I could empty this apartment, it would be much easier to paint and do the repairs it needs but once I don´t have a place to keep my stuff, I have to keep things here until the sale. So, right now, I´m working to reduce stuff to make the whole process easier. My best option is negotiating the price with a potential buyer instead of doing the repairs myself so that´s what I will try to.
In the next weeks... or months, I´ll be busy with my offline world and will have less time for my blogs but I really need this change and I´m motivated :)
See you.

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