Blogger Status: Getting Ready to Travel

Hello guys,
Hope you had a good weekend.
Saturday was father´s day. My daughter spent this weekend with her father and I spent mine at home.
The picture above shows the gift she made at school for him. We got artist :)
A couple weeks ago, I painted a glass Mandala to offer a friend and used the Yin & Yang symbol at the very center of it. I guess she liked my Mandala and used it´s drawing as inspiration for her handmade gift.
My weekend was spent mostly offline and, this week, I won´t be updating any of my blogs for a couple days as well. I´m getting ready for a two days trip to Lisbon: My Roger Waters concert ticket is for March 22nd! :)
When I´m back to blogging, I´ll continue looking for logo design pricing as I´d really like to change my blog´s EC logos.
See you xx

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