Blogger Status: Hit by Cupid

Hello guys,
This week, Night Clicks was bit left behind as I spent most of my blogging time on my Portuguese blogs but tonight I´m back with a short blogger status post to share some personal news.
I guess it´s time to let you know that this blogger was hit by Cupid :)
I started a serious relationship with M. and we both changed ou FB status last March 2nd. We have physical distance as obstacle...200 Km to be precise. A challenge...
I´m going trough a "stars in the eyes", daydreaming, romantic, smiling phase :)
Nothing much to add...I want to fearlessly live this feeling and I´m happy!
See you soon xxx

PS: We celebrated a rainy Carnival and Woman´s day (March, 8th).

4 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, ohhhhhh how absolutely LOVE-ly sweetie hahahahaha, so happy for you that after a long time you are finally smiling for real once again!! Enjoy that lovey-dovey heady feeling and I wish you the very best, hugs!! :):):)

Gina Alfani said...

:-))))) I am so happy for you!!!

Long distance relationships do work . . . me and The Captain are proof! We met on Twitter and spent a very long time chatting and talking on the phone getting to know each other before we decided to meet in person.

He moved to Florida to be with me last year and we are still very happy.

I love everything romantic and you put a smile on my face today :)


Mizé said...

Hello Ladies!
Thanks both for commenting :)

Marzie: Yes my friend..."after a long time" this someone is tickling me.´s all so different...
Well, I´ve been happy most days and that´s what really counts.
Warm hugs xx

Mizé said...

Hi Gina,

Ohhh..that´s so nice! And romantic too! I´m also a romantic & dreamer :)

Thanks for sharing your experience. In what concerns distance´s all new to me.
Captain changed his life to live with you...and that´s a huge prof of love.
I also believe in love :)

Hugs xx