What´s Up?

Hello guys,
Weekend´s here, and with the sunny days we´ve been having lately it looks like Summer is arriving soon.
The weather is great but, this weekend, we´re not going anywhere special. My car has been in the mechanic since 18/05. Talk about problems...
My daughter wants to watch "Rio" at the movies and probably that´s what we will do tomorrow. At least, we won´t be locked home all day. I don´t mind being home but she does...she gets really bored/boring. Adolescence is arriving...and I can see it coming already :)
On my end, things are going...slowly going. I know big goals take time as well as big changes. Patience, persistance and positive thinking are my best allies right now but some days I feel like I´m tied up...wanting to speed thing up...a natural trait from Aries nature :)
I want to keep up the packing but some days procrastination takes over and I just get the "everyday" stuff done. Even at a slow pace... I´ll get thing done. There´s no turning back for me now :)
See you xx

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