Blogging Resume

Hello guys,
You probably noticed that, in the past weeks, I´ve been more absent from the blogoshpere than usual. Everything is all right, I´m just going trough one of those times when real life takes over.
The moving and my personal life have been the major focus of my attention. After a deserved rest, I´m now ready and have the energy to implement the changes I´ve been planing since last Winter. You can catch me almost everyday on fb as it´s the only social network I spend time on.
Once my real life has been demanding so much of my time, I had to postpone one of my blogging projects. Early this year, I had bought two new domain names with the objective of using one of them for a new blog. I even got a web hosting plan for it but without time to write content I will not launch it.
I must admit this was not a brilliant decision because before I was having some difficulties keeping up the projects I already had in hands. What´s done is done. I think that after I settle down in the new place I will get back to on track with my blogging agenda. My Blogging journey has been a lot about learning with all my decisions too.
See you soon :)

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Lleonor said...

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