And Life Goes On...Smoothly

Hello guys,
Summer days arrived to Algarve and, although school has not finished yet, we have been enjoying weekends the best we can.
Two weeks ago I picked my car from the garage and while visiting M had the chance to try it out, so far so good. The picture above was taken in M´s hometown. Gosh, it´s such a big relief for me to have my car working well and the bill paid.
Well, life goes smother these days and because of this peaceful ambiance I´m feeling more "energized" to keep up the plans I made for this year. Ahead is the way and I´m positive it will all work out well.
With so many things in hand in my offline life, my blogging has become less frequent. I still love blogging a lot but I must admit that I don´t feel as much pressure to update my blogs as I used to. It´s been a while since my last "night owl" blogging night... I´ve been enjoying other things, including reading, I guess you can understand me.
See you xxx

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