Blogger Status: Doing good

Hello´s been a while...
Summer´s here, we´ve been having 28/30ºC sunny days and this means bech time for us :)
In the past weeks, I´ve been away from all my English blogs and, to be honest, I haven´t missed blogging much. A break can be refreshing and today I felt like returning to the blogosphere.
My toshiba notebook has a problem that makes it warm up too much and when it does, it crashes. So, I´m not using it anymore and until I send it to be repaired I´m using my daughter´s hp. I just hope I don´t lose all the info I have stored in my other pc, specially pictures. Once my camera is digital, I stopped printing photos and keep them all stored in the´s much cheaper but gotta change that and start storing all pictures and info I want to keep in CD´s. Lesson learned.
This Thursday starts the motorbikes gathering here, this means a lot of people coming to town and confusion during the weekend. All in all, it´s allways cool to see so many motorbikes together.
See you soon :)

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