Bon Jovi, 2011 Open Air Concert in Lisbon

Hello guys,
I just finished uploading my recent pictures to this pc and thought about sharing some of the pics I took in Bon Jovi´s open air concert last July 31, in Parque da Belavista, Lisbon.
I went to this concert thanks to my good friend B. which offered me the ticket and a room at her place to sleep.
The concert was awesome! I sang and danced all the songs. Some of their songs take me back to my teenage years and in some parts of the concert I felt like I was travelling back in time.
I can say it was one of the best concerts I went in the past years. Both audience and band gave a huge show. Portuguese audience is so cool, we´re so noisy and sing loud :) Just check the videos people already uploaded in Youtube.
It was nearly 60 thousand of us there, surely the biggest concert I went to in the past years. Roger Waters had 45.000, Linking Park much less, etc.
To warm up, the first part of the concert began at 18.00 pm. Two Portuguese bands played, one of them was Klepth which I enjoy very much. Bon Jovi Concert started around 8.00 pm and finished way pass midnight. It was a 3 hours concert, great from begining to end.
I returned home Monday night, a bit tired from the whole weekend trip but very happy because I finally had the chance to see one of my favorite teenage bands with my best friend B.

See you xxx

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Mariuca said...

Hi sweetie!! I love Bon Jovi too so I hope u get to catch them live in Lisbon with your best friend B! Hugs! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hello Marzie!! Good to read you! :)
I like them too since my teens, not a huge fan but always enjoyed.
Yesss,,,we did! B is a good girl friend since I was in primary school...we live in different towns but we still keep our 30 years and counting friendship :) The concert was great! I sang all the time much..that I just took a very few
And you..wonder what you been up to...gotta catch up in your blogs. Bjs, Many Hugs for you xxx