Come Back Summer, Will Ya?

Bob Dylan says in one of his songs..."Times are changing"...
We should all realize that our "Mother Earth" is changing and so is the weather..and this last one at a "worrying" speed.
The weather became more unstable as we all have had the chance to verify with our own eyes in the last decade´s events. What happened in Japan and is happening right now in Africa says it all.
Well, the recent riots here in Europe are worrying too, they had immediate impact on European finances but that´s a topic for a whole new post.
So... I was all excited that I was going to have another wonderful weekend at the beach..such as the beach in the above picture, located in Montegordo - Algarve, and now the weather started acting out on us. In our corner of the globe it is raining pots in plain Summer´s peak, August. It´s almost 30ºC, seems more like a tropical weather now than a Mediterranean one. sun, no tan, no beach. We will spend the weekend at home enjoying some good quality family time, in our case, cooking too :)
Hope you have a great one!
See ya xx

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