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It´s been a while since my last "mmo" post. Lately, I have not been as much active as I used to be and for that reason I have not researched new opportunities for quite some time.
I´m still using the same advertising companies I was using six months ago, so nothing much changed in this front. In fact, I have improved some blog advertising earnings but nothing much expressive which justified a whole new post.
Today´s post is about a company I recently came across in one of my Personal Finances readings called Blue Global Media. Blue Global Media is an affiliate network focused in financial products such as loans and credit reports.
In the past, I have written several posts about Affiliate Marketing and how it works. You can check my older posts in the archives section. So, I think I can skip long, general explanations and go straight to the point. Today´s post is more about an affiliate opportunity which I would not mind trying it out myself, kind of a lead for those who already know how these schemes work. Some people make good money trough Affiliate Marketing but it does not work the same for all.
Once Global Media is focused on financial products, they provide Payday affiliate programs and are interested in other financial leads. If you have a website about financial topics, expertise in this area or would like to try out this opportunity just click in any of the links in this post and you will be directed to this company´s website.

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