Back To School

Yeap, my daughter´s school started last week. Bye, bye Summer holidays and hello Winter school routines. Life changes for us in this time of year and we´re both still trying to adapt... I guess the waking up early is the hardest part for me, it´s still night at 7.00 am for god´s sake. Yeah...still a night owl person myself and I guess that will never change :)
This weekend, we did our shopping and bought almoast all materials she will need for the year ahead. The only thing missing is a new back pack. I´ve been avoiding buying this item as last year´s back pack is still good.
She wants a backpack like the one in the picture above, and she wants it bad :) Maybe she´ll get it but later.
Been a bit of a lazy blogger these days. During Summer we go out more but as soon as school starts we are back to our usual routines and spend more time at home.
Hope my blogging motivation strikes me again soon :)
See ya xx

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MharMS said...

Going back to school is exciting :) Wishing her good grades and fun in school.