Entrecard Visit

Hello everyone.
Yes, you read it right. Today´s post is a short rambling about my "night owl" EC rounds..the ones I stopped doing some months ago. And no, I haven´t deleted my EC account or anything like that. I´m just having a long break from some of my online routines. Gained others more social and less blogging...which I´m not sure I should keep for much longer. I dislike routines that´s what :)
I mean...I deslike doing the same things or going to the same places for a long time and that´s why I have (scattered) interests in different things.
The fact is that during this time I kinda missed some of my favorite EC blogs but, on the other hand, it was also good to change routines for a while and read other stuff both online and books. I replaced my EC rounds time for new readings on different topics, being Astrology one of them. Trying to understanding my natal chart has been a very nice symbolic journey...wich is not finished yet.
Today, I decided to go back to EC and spent some time there making drops and catching up. It was good to be back and check how my favorite bloggers are doing right now. It felt a bit like returning to a "cosy" known place in which hundreds of bloggers virtually reunite. Guys, I will be back :)
See ya xx

2 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Hey sweetie, I have not been active on EC for months now, oh well! Happy Tuesday to u! :)

Mizé said...

Hi Marzie! Nice to see you here :)
Me too, haven´t been active on EC for months: my other laptop was already "too tired" to make drops and it also got kinda boring and time consuming.
I´m now organizing my favorites so I can still keep in touch with my favorite blogs outside EC.
Gotta add you on fb, lately I´ve been using it more often.
Warm hugs xx